October 20, 2015

"The Highlands" Chandelier: New Design Concept

Working in collaboration with my blacksmith, David Little, I have created a new design for a dining room chandelier. It is based on the Prairie-style fixtures that have been very popular with my clients, but it incorporates long sweeping arcs in the horizontal lines, which is reminiscent of the smooth curving lines of our hills and mountains. Since I am fascinated by the Scottish Highlands, I am (at least for the moment) calling this new design The Highlands.

The clients are long-time appreciators of my work, and their home is in Sunapee, NH, so I could make multiple site visits. We talked a lot about the other curved lines in their home (note the windows, table and chairs in this picture). The shades and the metalwork were custom designed to fit in with that look.

I love this new design. And I feel sure that it will lead to more commissions that are related to this piece. Thanks, Susan and Jim!

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